5 Steps To Build A Personal Brand

Personal Branding shouts out “I AM A BRAND!”. It is an ongoing process whereby people market and promotes themselves as an extension of their career. More importantly, a personal brand defines who you are, not the organization you work or. It can be taken with you wherever you go. Your main goal is to have your desired perception match that of how others perceive you.


By identifying what you want to achieve out of your personal branding exercise, you will be able to distinguish what your true passions are in your field of work, who are the people you need to associate with, what resources are necessary for you to achieve your objective. Have a written journal of these answers and decide which actions are more crucial than others.


Your style is the most obvious and distinctive expression of your personality. Maybe you are remembered as someone who’s spirited, humorous or pleasant. Perhaps a little quirky or unconventional. Whatever personality you choose to portray, be sure they’re genuine and authentic. Putting on a facade will be exhausting to maintain. Remember… be original, but professional.


It is essential that you invest some time and effort in developing a personal business card and resume that stands out. In this modern day and age, it goes without saying that your social media presence has to be felt. So make sure you update it ever so frequently because you never know who might be doing some research on you through your profiles. Do have some headshots of yourself taken by a professional and use those photos for your LinkedIn profile, resume and business card.


You will be meeting people throughout your entire professional career. You don’t want to ever be caught off guard when someone inevitably asks you what you do for a living. So write down your introduction speech, practice and memorise it. Always be prepared.


You can do this by joining different associations the are either relevant or irrelevant to your field. Meeting people dramatically improves your chances of making advancements to your career. You can comment and give useful feedback to others on their social media posts, blogs and websites. It is a lengthy process that will take time and effort to build and maintain but it will all be worth it in the end.