Wellness Edge

Wellness is not only the process of learning more about your individual health status and what can be done to enhance it, but it is also a process, which includes actively working toward achieving better health.

It is well known that the average Malaysian health habits have changed over the years. Malaysians are also evolving towards a nation with less physical activity due to the increased workload of making Malaysia a developed nation. Less nutritious diet with decreased physical activity has shown to have a link with diabetes, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. It is so well known that most leading cause of these terminal diseases are preventable. We are also living a very sedentary lifestyle and this is causing us to be overweight.

  • Methodology:
    The Wellness Edge program uses mini lectures, discussions, movie presentations, interactive activity, aerobics and other exciting exercises, and also case studies to further enhance participants’ knowledge and practices. Handouts and participants manual will also be provided to further strengthen their knowledge.
  • For Whom:
    Designed for all levels in organizations to develop life-long success strategies.
  • Class Size:
    20 persons
  • Duration:
    2 to 3 days
DescriptionTopics CoveredWhat You Will Learn

Knowing the importance of wellness, Learning Edge have come up with The Wellness Edge program that incorporates exercise and nutrition in helping Malaysians lead healthier lives.

There are many good reasons why your organization should implement The Wellness Edge program.

It works. It demonstrates tangible outcomes. It can help your business increase its’ competitive advantage. It is carefully designed and when implemented, it will impact your company in a variety of important ways.

Here’s a short list of some of the big pay offs that your company will experience as a result of Wellness Edge.

  1. Reduce health care cost
  2. Reduced absenteeism
  3. Improve health status of your employees
  4. Reduced turnover
  5. Improved morale
  1. Nutrition for Life: Understanding basic nutrition, dietary guidelines and menu planning
  2. Weight management: Action plan for Ideal Body Weight, Lies about fat reduction systems
  3. Exercise 101: Basic principles of exercise
  4. Cardiovascular Exercises: Getting your Heart, Lungs and Muscles in optimum form
  5. Resistance Exercise: Toning and getting into best shape of your life
  6. Flexibility Training: Increase Agility and Vitality
  1. Improve personal health and well-being
  2. Take action for proper nutrient intake
  3. Develop systematic exercise program
  4. Differentiate between the myth and reality of weight loss products
  5. Create a positive and energetic attitude towards personal wellness
  6. Build a powerful and practical roadmap for personal well-being
  7. Help others to improve their health by sharing knowledge and learnt techniques

And for the organization, this program will be able to:

  • Contribute to the reduction of health care cost due to increase in employees’ general health
  • Increase employees’ productivity and morale
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