What do you think of when you hear “team building”?

Most of us probably think of fun activities that bear little obvious relation to work, but are geared toward getting people to work together as a team. The spider web, prisoner dilemma, explore race and etc. These types of team building exercises do have their place. And they can be very effective for team introductions and “get to know you better” sessions.

However, the best team building programs will only will only be effective in building teams if they are paired with powerful and carefully thought of lessons that directly contributes to increasing the commitment the team has to the organisation and it’s people, to building a great working environment that is highly productive and satisfying.

We challenge every organisation and it’s people during all our programs to rethink their roles, what resources they need to succeed, what training they require further to thrive and what action needs to be taken when they get back to the work place.

We must always remember, team building is a daily activity. You don’t build it once and forget it. You nurture a team and facilitate high performance through clear and agreed upon expectations. We take our jobs seriously because we always strive to provide the best team building in Malaysia!

  • Methodology:
    TEAMWORKS! is a combination of indoor and outdoor sessions, mini lectures, games, video presentation, group & individual challenges.
  • For Whom:
    Geared towards all levels in the organization. It is recommended that the actual work team to attend as a group.
  • Class Size:
    20-150 persons
  • Duration:
    1, 2 or 3 days

TEAMWORKS! is designed to explore further the concept of team building and team synergy for organisations to get maximum results from their people. The TEAMWORKS! design took consideration the following four enablers:

  1. New and Creative Ways of achieving Goals
  2. Challenge Norms
  3. Continuously Break Barriers
  4. Focused on Change

TEAMWORKS! will create the true meaning of working together in teams while maintaining inter-dependency among individuals.

  • Get self-energised and manage their own morale for greater excellence
  • Create harmony at the workplace
  • Developing an environment of trust and respect
  • Creating synergy among team members
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Complementing strengths and weaknesses
  • The 10 winning formula for winning teams
  • To be a role model for others
  • Deal with the rapid changes at work
  • See issues in their organisations in a refreshing perspective
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