Leader’s Track

As organizations try to meet the demands of complex, global markets that seems to be constantly changing, a renewed emphasis quite properly falls upon the basic varieties of management – quality, communication, service and, of course, leadership.

  • Methodology:
    Leader’s Track will use a combination of mini lectures, games and extensive outdoor activities.
  • For Whom:
    Designed for anyone who wants to increase their awareness of leadership and its characteristics, to improve their personal and organizational leadership skills, and to build their self-confidence as a leader.
  • Class Size:
    Preferably 20 persons
  • Duration:
    3 days
DescriptionTopics CoveredWhat You Will Learn

Leadership has, in fact, made something of a comeback as the management buzzword of our time, a panacea for combating increased competition, tighter budgets, proliferating technology and smaller labor pools – the four horsemen of our contemporary business world.

No, leadership is nothing new.

What is new is a heightened awareness that there are ways to elicit superior leadership skills in almost anyone. The key to organizational effectiveness in the future will be unlocking the hidden leadership potential of all employees.

Leaders’ track explores five fundamental tracks of extraordinary leaders. These tracks are not only examined from the leader’s perspective, but also from the seldom-explored perspective of followers. The tracks are easily learned practices and behaviors which managers and executives can adopt to improve their leadership skills.

Leaders’ track explores five fundamental tracks of extraordinary leaders:

Track # 1: Challenge the Status Quo

A leader challenges the existing processes of his or her organization by searching for opportunities to bring about change, and by experimenting and taking risks.

Track # 2: Create a Vision Community

An accomplished leader communicates with enthusiasm a vision for the future and enlists the help of others to carry it through.

Track # 3: Empowerment – Zapp’em!

True leaders delegate responsibilities and empower others. They foster collaboration and strengthen others with whom they work.

Track # 4: Walk the Talk

It is not enough to inspire with words. Strong leaders should set the example through exemplary behavior. They must be honest, competent and fair. They build commitments to action from their followers by planning for small wins that spring the team forward towards larger victories.

Track # 5: Encourage The Heart

Leaders know how critical it is to sustain the high morale of their followers. Therefore, contribution for a job well done must be recognized and celebrated.

  1. Differentiate their role as leaders and managers
  2. Re-define roles in their respective jobs by challenging current work processes
  3. Cascade the vision of the organization and inspire others to achieve it
  4. Delegate work to staff effectively
  5. Use the road map towards empowerment of staff
  6. Behave congruently with the organisation’s vision and become the role models for others.
  7. Develop action plan for achieving organizational and departmental goals
  8. Use proper methods to continuously encourage and motivate staff
  9. Coach and counsel staff to increase performances
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