Do You Know What Team Building Is—Really?

Contrary to popular belief, team building isn’t just about fun and games. It is a process of creating high performance teams. The overall success of an organisation in the marketplace is heavily influenced by the success of the teams carrying out the projects. Consequently, the success of teams is heavily reliant on the way the individual team members operate with one another.

In essence, team building is designed to unleash the talent of their individual team members whilst working in together. Here are 5 things you need to create a successful team:


In order to accomplish goals, team members must know at the back of their mind’s that they can rely on their colleague’s strengths and competencies to complete their shared tasks. They must feel that their team member will be there to support them if they require any help. Trust is the most important foundation to the growth and success of any team.


The team needs to know exactly what the vision of the organisation is because then and only then will they understand the importance of the goals they are trying to achieve. Having the big picture will help reduce confusion, hate, stress, frustration and the lack of motivation towards their job or even other team members. The power of information will only make people feel more enlightened and in consequence feel more devoted to their shared vision as a team, and the vision of the organisation. 


Keeping in line to the first point, a team that trusts one another will feel more comfortable and open about sharing and addressing the problems they face amongst themselves and with their work. They should schedule regular meetings for all team members to be able to voice out they opinions and share ideas. 


It is in human nature to disagree, even the best of teams. It is in their best interest to always be prepared to resolve conflicts in a civil and decent manner. Instead of focusing on who’s right and wrong, what they should be doing is focusing on the most fruitful option to achieve success.


People love being rewarded for their accomplishments. However, when rewards are dependent upon the every team member’s need for excellence, they will feel more motivated to help each other.